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Minnesota State Transfer Pathways are designed so you can complete a specific associate degree at a Minnesota State college and transfer to a Minnesota State university to earn a bachelor’s degree without losing credits or taking extra courses. Transfer Pathways can be a great resource for saving time and money as you work toward graduation.

How Transfer Pathways Work
If you complete a Transfer Pathway degree program at a Minnesota State college and are admitted to any of the 7 Minnesota State universities, you will be guaranteed junior status and given assurance that all 60 college credits will count toward the related bachelor’s degree.

A student must still meet any special admission requirement for the major and is not guaranteed admission into the major itself.

Is a Minnesota State Transfer Pathway program right for you?
A Minnesota State Transfer Pathway program might be right for you if one or more of the following is true:

  • You plan on attending a Minnesota State college
  • You plan on transferring to a Minnesota State university
  • You know (or have a general idea) of your major

Interested in Transfer Pathways? Here’s how to get started: 

  • Get to know Minnesota State. Many of the 37 Minnesota State colleges and universities offer Transfer Pathways options. For more information, visit the websites of the colleges or universities listed below. 
  • Talk to an expert at your college or university. Your Minnesota State colleges and universities are staffed with many people who can help you find a direction or get answers. Talk to a transfer specialist or visit a college or university in person.
  • Check out our Transfer Pathways offerings. Search Programs by copying and pasting the following keywords (keywords must be entered verbatim), then contact your college or university for next steps:

    • Accounting Transfer Pathway
    • Art Transfer Pathway
    • Biology Transfer Pathway
    • Business Transfer Pathway
    • Chemistry Transfer Pathway
    • Communication Studies Transfer Pathway
    • Computer Science Transfer Pathway
    • Criminal Justice Transfer Pathway
    • Early Childhood Education Transfer Pathway
    • Economics Transfer Pathway
    • Elementary Education Foundations Transfer Pathway
    • English Transfer Pathway
    • Exercise Science Transfer Pathway
    • History Transfer Pathway
    • Law Enforcement Transfer Pathway
    • Management Information Systems Transfer Pathway
    • Mass Communication Transfer Pathway
    • Mathematics Transfer Pathway
    • Political Science Transfer Pathway
    • Pre-Social Work Transfer Pathway
    • Psychology Transfer Pathway
    • Sociology Transfer Pathway
    • Spanish Transfer Pathway
    • Special Education Transfer Pathway
    • Theatre Transfer Pathway (and Theater Transfer Pathway)

Looking for help and not sure where to begin? Ask us!

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