Female student working on laptop in hallway.

Many state colleges and universities offer special programs to help students succeed. These programs can help you sharpen your writing skills, learn study techniques and get organized to make the best use of your time. Tutors and special study classes also may be available for some class topics. Some special programs are listed below; you can find out about more special programs at each institution’s admissions office.

Alliss Educational Foundation Grant 
The Alliss Grant is an opportunity grant, designed to help adult learners begin college or return to college. The grant is not based on family income and is available to all new Minnesota community college students who qualify. Grants are available to start school any term.

Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) 
High school juniors and seniors can receive both high school and college credit for college-level courses completed through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program. You may take courses on a campus or, where available, at your high school at no cost to you as long as you also earn high school credit. To learn more, ask your high school counselor or the admissions office at the college or university you wish to attend.

Study abroad opportunities 
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities offers dozens of opportunities to study in places like Australia, England, Denmark, Italy, Mexico and more. Semesters abroad, exchange programs and short-term travel opportunities tied to specific courses and programs are offered at many of our colleges and universities.

TRiO Minnesota programs 
While student financial aid programs help students overcome financial barriers to higher education, TRiO Minnesota programs help students overcome class, social and cultural barriers to higher education. TRiO Minnesota now includes six outreach and support programs to assist low-income, first-generation college students. The programs also serve students with disabilities by helping them successfully progress from middle school to the post-baccalaureate level.