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Religious Studies

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About this Program

The certificate in Religious Studies is designed for students who desire a concentrated course of academic study in the field of religious studies. Students will gain knowledge of the beliefs, practices, history, struggles, and influences of various religious and spiritual traditions from the perspectives of a variety of academic disciplines. Courses are rigorous and personally enriching. Religious studies address some of the most fundamental and enduring sources of meaning and community, as well as conflict and misunderstanding in human history.

Students will gain knowledge of many types of belief and practice communities. Through completing this certificate, students will demonstrate a sustained exploration and appreciation of people�s strongly diverse religious beliefs and behaviors.

Students must complete at least 5 courses, selected from the courses below. At least one third of the credits required for this certificate must be completed at Normandale.

Required Courses: (9 credits)
ANTH 1188 � Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
PHIL 1150 � Introduction to World Religions
PSYC 2400 � Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

Elective Courses: (6)
ANTH 1150 � Native Americans: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
ANTH 1899 � Medical Anthropology: Health, Illness, and Healing Across Cultures
ART 1102 � Art History Survey I: Prehistory to 16th Century Europe
ART 1105 � Non- Western Art Survey
ENGL 1175 � Myths and Legends
GEOL 1050 � Earth History
HIST 1101 � History of World Civilizations 1
HIST 1102 � History of World Civilizations 2
MUSC 1121 � Introduction to World Music
PSYC 1108 � Psychology of Death and Dying

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  • Normandale Community College 55431
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