Summer Scholars Academy

With support from Beverly and Richard Fink, seven colleges in the Twin Cities metro area that are part of Minnesota State are offering the Summer Scholars Academy.

Whether you are an entering college freshman who recently graduated from high school or a student returning to school after time away, this program is designed to be a free* alternative to developmental education courses, saving you time and money. Summer Scholars Academy will help ease the transition to college life by providing you the opportunity to network with peers and build your confidence as a scholar.

For full details on the gift and the program, check out our press release.

*A $75 application fee is required; however, this money may be earned back in the form of a $150 scholarship upon successful completion of the program and enrolling in fall semester courses at the Minnesota State college where you participated in Summer Scholars Academy.


Enhance Your Skills and Knowledge
Program activities are focused on building skills in reading, writing, and/or math. This work will not only help you discover your strengths and opportunities as a student, but can help you focus on the road ahead and potentially save you time and money.

Meet Fellow Students
The Summer Scholars Academy is ideal for getting to know peers who can support you during the program and beyond. The program enrolls a small cohort of students on each participating campus, providing ample opportunity for you to get to know those participating as you work, learn, think, and have fun together.

Plan for Your Future
In addition to preparing you for the near future of starting college in the fall, the Summer Scholars Academy is a chance to think and dream even bigger. Staff at each participating college can assist you in considering your academic and career goals and help map out the best path to achieving them.

Explore Student Support Service and Resources
The colleges that are part of Minnesota State are bursting with resources that can help you succeed in college and beyond. Through Summer Scholars Academy, you have an opportunity to learn about resources and services available on your campus.

Save Money

In addition to your time and commitment to the program, the Summer Scholars Academy requires a $75 application fee.* However, choosing to invest in yourself pays. If you meet all the program requirements, you will receive support for transportation costs. You may also earn a $150 scholarship toward your fall semester tuition upon successful completion of the Summer Scholars Academy when you register for fall courses at any college or university that is part of Minnesota State.

*Participating colleges may have assistance available to students facing financial hardship. Contact the individual college for details.



  • New-entering student or returning student with no recent college coursework
  • Accuplacer Scores in the following ranges:
    • For reading and English, a score between 54-77
    • For math, Elementary Algebra score between 55-120 and a College Math score between  0-49


For more information about the Summer Scholars Academy, you are encouraged to use the links provided for the participating colleges and use the contact information provided by the individual college.

General inquiries about the program may be directed to Pakou Yang, System Director of P-20 and College Readiness, at or 651-201-1760.