The Academic and Student Affairs Division of the system office works with system institutions to identify and meet shared priorities so they can better serve their students and communities.

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Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make the 2019 Spring Academic and Student Affairs Equity and Inclusion Conference a huge success! 

Session and keynote PowerPoints will be uploaded shortly, please check back frequently for more information. 

For questions regarding conference receipts please email Cathy Rajtar.

Pre-Conference PowerPoints

Multiple Measures Pre-Conference

Thursday, June 6th, Session PowerPoints

Textbook Affordability: OER, libraries, and other steps along the way

Co-Curricular Assessment - Partnerships Centered on Student Learning (PowerPoint)

Co-Curricular Assessment - Partnerships Centered on Student Learning (PDF)

Co-Curricular Assessment - Partnerships Centered on Student Learning Readability Tests (Word Doc)

Q&A session with Camielle Headlam

Strategies for Recruiting Native American and Historically Underrepresented Faculty (NAHUF) to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Student Athletes Transition to Higher Education & Successful Academic Progress: Why Athletes are Different

Advancing Equity Through Perkins V Implementation

Data analysis and assessment practices for equity in higher education

Best Practices in Academic/Community Based Organization Partnerships

Calling All :Equity Champions: Dig deeper into creating an equity minded campus

Are You a Gatekeeper or an Usher?  Equity and Access in Dual Enrollment

Preparing for uAchieve Planner

OPENing the Conversation: How Administrators Can Encourage Faculty OER Adoption

Diverse Student Voices in Affordable Course Materials: Out from the Shadows of Minneapolis

Strategic Enrollment Management Next Steps

Finding Your Place:  An Open-Source Podcast for First-Year Students

Using the Quality Improvement Process (QIP) Site to Support Your Online Learning Efforts

Research and Compliance: An Interactive Discussion on Where Minnesota State Wants to Go and How to Get There

What Does it Mean to Be 'Culturally Aware?' Creating a Framework for All Campus Staff

Placement Matters: The Evolving Landscape of Multiple Measures within Minnesota State

Meeting Mental Health Needs Through an Online Program (If interested in trying Learn to Live, please use this code: Inclusion 2019)

Crossing Borders: Improving Access for Disenfranchised Students in Mathematics

D2L Brightspace Datasets and Student Success System (S3) as Tools for Accreditation and Student Retention

A Case Study: The Successful Strategic Planning and Development of an Intentional Racial/Ethnic Centered Bachelor's Social Work Program

Spring Forward with OER: The Critical Role of Administrators in Campus OER Initiatives

Friday, June 7th, Session PowerPoints

Guided Learning Pathways as a Systemwide Student Success Strategy

Legal Update

NextGen and ASA: An Update

System Support Sexual Violence Reporting, Sexual Violence Prevention Training, and Tracking

I'm First: Building a Community of First-Generation College Students and Scholars

Closing the Opportunity Gap With Peer Assisted Instruction

Faculty Professional Development Practices-Helping or Hurting Our Disadvantaged Students?

Advancing Student Success: CSU Strategies

What's With All The Acronyms? Military-Connected Students and Resources Available

An open discussion for CAOs and CSAOs of color and of American Indian ancestry

The Changing Scene of Program Development

Just Below the Surface: The Hidden Ideas Waiting to Emerge on Your Campus

Courageous Conversations: Identifying and Addressing Transfer Based Barriers (e.g., DARS Procedures, Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, Transfer Review and Appeal) to Student Equity

Credit for Prior Learning Champions -Expanding Resources and Developing Opportunities

The Promise of the Pause: a Mindful Path Toward Equity @ Minneapolis College

Creating a Compassionate Campus: A Cultural Shift at RCTC

Getting to Equity and Inclusion: Community Partners and Communities of Practice as Professional Development and Community Engagement Strategies

Keynote PowerPoints

Camielle Headlam - MDRC 

Dr. Loren Blanchard - The California State University System

The 2019 Fall Academic and Student Affairs Leadership Conference will be held at Breezy Point Resort on October 23-25, 2019.  At this time both registrations for the conference and for hotels is unavailable.  Please check back here often for more updates.

Dates: October 23-25, 2019

Location: Breezy Point Resort

Registration: TBD

Program: TBD 

Awards: More information about the awards and award nomination process will be coming shortly.

For further questions please contact Scott Martens.

The Academic and Student Affairs Division prepares a variety of reports including many that are produced for the Minnesota Legislature. Find recent reports through the links below.


Minnesota State Degree and Certificate Completion Report to the Legislature

Minnesota State Degree and Certificate Completion Report Appendix B

Minnesota State Developmental Education Plan Report to the Legislature


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Our Spring 2019 Academic and Student Affairs Equity & Inclusion Conference will be held June 6-7, 2019.  For more information please see the above accordion for more information.

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