The American Heart Association (AHA) requires that all instructors be members of a training center. Instructors may teach for any training center, but can only be registered with one training center. There are 3000 training centers nationwide.

We are called The MNSCU–MRTC (Multi–Regional Training Center) since the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities’s MRTC encompasses several regions and states. Our MRTC is the largest in the nation with over 4600 members and growing.

The MRTC has a contractual agreement with the AHA to provide specific services. The MRTC is not a subsidiary of the American Heart Association, nor does it receive funds from the AHA. A biannual membership fee covers the cost of the distribution of information and materials, instructor certification, the supply of updated teaching materials, and the maintanence of the training center database and web site.

In order to be an American Heart Association training center, all instructors must use AHA curriculum and follow the AHA certification protocols– videos, skills check lists, tests and certification cards.

Our instructors support the efforts of the American Heart Association’s mission to teach the chain of survival. We appreciate all of the help we receive from our instructors and colleges and universities to continue the mission to save lives.

AHA Instructor Update Courses.pdf (Click link left)

The MRTC (Multi–Regional Training Center) will provide the following support to members:

  1. Maintaining a secure database to include individual instructor information, status of dues paid, course certification(s) information, and a three year listing of courses taught (by semi–annual periods).
  2. Providing course completion cards in a timely manner. Click here for Online Order.
  3. Processing member orders and shipping on a timely basis.
  4. Providing updates regarding changes of procedures/protocols, scientific data, instructional methodology, national information or other pertinent issues provided by the American Heart Association (AHA) or other related experts.

The MRTC will provide QUALITY ASSURANCE to members by:

  1. Surveying membership to develop and implement changes to enhance services.
  2. Providing Roll–Out training sessions as new CPR protocols and materials are required by the American Heart Association.
  3. Assigning MRTC faculty and Regional Faculty to assist our members in geographic areas as the first points of contact for disseminating information to the membership.
  4. Performing periodic observations of instructors to ensure that AHA standards are being maintained.