Use the resources below to complete your annual perkins plan/application. You will find paper and video instructions to assist you in answering questions in your perkins plan.

  • The application opens on March 1st and closes May 15th at 4:30 p.m. annually
  • The annual performance report (APR) opens the last week of August and closes on Oct. 15th at 11:59 p.m. annually
  • All plans must be submitted online via WebGrants

Each consortium will give a joint presentation on their proposed perkins plan to a panel of Minnesota State and MDE staff. (Presentation options: 90 minute face-to-face, WebEx, or ITV). For additional information on these presentations, contact Jeralyn Jargo at (651) 201-1650 or Florence Newton (651) 201-1679.

These online resources were carefully curated by state staff to help assist perkins consortiun leaders in writing their perkins plan.

Writing Your FY19 Perkins Plan

Instructions for WebGrants

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Start a new application - Watch now (3:32 min)
  3. Consortium Members List - Watch now (2:42 min)
  4. Summary Narrative Part 1 - Watch now (2:22 min)
  5. Summary Narrative Part 2 - Watch now (2:21 min)
  6. Complete the narrative for Goals 1-5 - Watch Now (4:04 min)
  7. Complete the budget objective for Goals 1-5 - Watch now (6:14 min)
  8. Calculate Perkins Budget Grand Totals - Watch now (4:26 min)
  9. Add Your Secondary Supplemental Budget Sheet to WebGrants - Watch now (2:51 min) NOTE: This video only shows you how to upload the spreadsheet. For specifics on how to complete this budget sheet, contact Michelle Kamenov at (651) 582-8434.
  10. Perkins Collaboration with Workforce Centers - Watch now (1:12 min)
  11. Perkins Funded Positions - Watch now (3:29 min)
  12. Improvement Report - Watch now (3:52 min)
  13. Improvement Plan Action Steps - Watch now (7:05 min)
  14. State Approved Programs of Study and Technical Skill Assessments - Watch Now (7:21 min)
  15. Statement of Assurances and Certifications - Watch now (3:47 min)
  16. Add additional supporting documents to your plan - Watch now (2:31 min)

Annual Performance Report (APR) Instructions

Reallocation Instructions

How to submit your reallocated dollars (pdf)

Minnesota Career Pathway Continuous Improvement Project (CPIP)

Fiscal Year 2019 will continue supporting opportunities for Minnesota CTE’s Career Pathway Continuous Improvement Initiative. This statewide multiyear project will support Perkins consortia as they reevaluate Rigorous Programs of Study and Programs of Study, participate in regional Career Pathway implementation, assess program advisory boards, update Work-Based Learning, apprenticeship, internship and other experiential learning activity programs, and otherwise advance Career & Technical Education within local secondary, postsecondary and workforce arenas.

This Continuous Improvement Initiative (CTI) will help ensure that high quality CTE programs are in place for all Minnesota students, and that such programs align secondary and postsecondary partners, career and college readiness standards with state and local workforce needs.