Board Policies
Chapter 5 - Administration

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Part 1. Policy Statement. The Board of Trustees promotes sustainability, reduction of waste, resources conservation and recovery, and environmentally responsible practices, including energy conservation and pollution prevention, consistent with law and current executive orders.

Part 2. Responsibilities. The chancellor, in concert with college and university presidents, shall develop system-wide procedures and initiatives that reflect long-term stewardship of the campus physical environment. The chancellor shall develop facilities planning guidelines, design and construction standards, and energy conservation procedures that appropriately provide for enhanced sustainability and long-term stewardship of campus physical resources.

College and university presidents shall develop and implement campus-based initiatives in support of these practices, and identify and report accomplishments consistent with Part 3.

Part 3. Accountability. The system office, and each college and university shall appoint a representative(s) for all environmental and resource recovery issues and shall maintain records regarding recycling, energy consumption and conservation, and pollution prevention efforts. The system office and each college and university shall report progress and accomplishments periodically to the Board.

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  • Minnesota Statute 115A, Waste Management Act
  • Minnesota Statute 16B.121, Purchase of Recycled, Repairable, & Durable Materials
  • Minnesota Statute 115D, Pollution Prevention
  • Minnesota Statute 116D, Environmental Policy
  • Executive Order 99-4

Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 06/21/00,
Date of Implementation: 06/21/00,

Date & Subject of Revisions:

11/16/11 - Effective 1/1/12, the Board of Trustees amends all board policies to change the term "Office of the Chancellor" to "system office," and to make necessary related grammatical changes.

05/19/10 - Amended to clarify responsibilities of the chancellor and college and university presidents. The name of the policy was also amended to better reflect its purpose.

10/5/09 - Policy reviewed, no content amendments recommended.

06/18/03 - changes "system office" to "office of the chancellor"

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