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The Shark Tank Open is Minnesota State Educational Innovation’s premier innovation event, drawing educators from across 37 colleges and universities for one grand afternoon of reimagining education!

Faculty and staff innovators from across the state go before expert panels (the sharks), providing spirited pitches in an effort to win up to $25,000 in innovation funding.

Thank you to all who attended and made the 2021 Shark Tank Open possible. Recordings can be found below.

  • Funding announcements from the Shark Tank Open will be made no later than April 23, 2021.
  • Pay It Forward Funding is now available! Apply for up to $10,000 to replicate a previously funded innovation project on another campus. Applications for Pay It Forward are due May 7, 2021. Learn more.


Room Theme: Student Success

Supporting Autistic Student Success Initiative (SASSI)

St. Cloud State University  

Underrepresented Student Mentors

St. Cloud Technical and Community College  

Set Discrete Math Free!

Bemidji State University  

Minneapolis College Career Readiness Digital Badging Program Demonstrates Skill & Competency

Minneapolis College  


Room Theme: Student Resilience and Technical Programs 

Creating Equitable Outcomes through Trauma Responsiveness

Minneapolis College  

Finding Your Place OER Text: Stories of Cultural Wealth and Resilience

Minnesota State University, Mankato  

Thrive in Five: It’s Good for Business

Saint Paul College  

St. Cloud State University Mobile Make It Lab

St. Cloud State University  


Room Theme: OER and Equity 

Teaching Agile through an OER Textbook

Metropolitan State University  

Center for International Disability Advocacy and Diplomacy

St. Cloud State University  

A Concise Four Field Anthropology OER Textbook: A Decolonizing Approach

Inver Hills Community College  

Student Voices: Humanizing Students Through Their Stories

Minneapolis College  


Room Theme: Online Learning and Ed Tech 

An intelligent feedback generation and content recommendation system for students to improve their learning experience

St. Cloud State University  

Innovating the Science Classroom for Widespread Engagement

St. Cloud State University  

Online Student Strong Start

South Central College  

Interdisciplinary Applications of Artificial Intelligence Emphasizing Public Safety

St. Cloud State University  


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For more information contact Stephen Kelly.

Minnesota State faculty, staff, and administrators interested in applying for an innovation funding grant can visit the Innovation Funding SharePoint (log in using to find more information and applications.