Webinar - First Steps for Building Your Rigorous Program of Study

This webinar provided a step-by-step model for building a Rigorous Program of Study for your local Perkins Consortium.  Consortium Leaders were the intended audience for the webinar.

Presentations and Handout: PowerPoint slides | Recording of 8/14/13 | Recording of 8/21/13


  • Share common understanding of the 10 components of Rigorous Programs of Study (RPOS) as formulated by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE).
  • Understand the process to evaluate current Programs of Study using the MN RPOS Guide.
  • Plan first steps for development and implementation of RPOS in your Consortium.
  • View the Rigorous Programs of Study Handbook.

Rigorous Programs of Study Workshop, June, 2013

Webinar - Overview of the MN Programs of Study Website

Presentation: Recording of 8/1/12

The webinar was for POS Developers, Consortium Leaders, POS Coordinators to learn how to use the administrative functions for entering Programs of Study on the new MN Programs of Study website, including how the website may be used by students, parents, teachers and counselors. Registration is required.

Webinar - Sustaining Career Pathways: Funding, Policy, & Professional Development

Presentations and Handouts: Materials and webinar recordings

The fourth Youth and Adult Pathways (YAP) series webinar will focus on sustaining your career pathways programs through funding, policy and professional development.  Event themes include: 

  • Overview of Funding-public, private, and profit
  • Career Pathway Funding Team
  • Constructing a Plan for Career Pathway Success and Sustainability
  • Policy Implications
  • Professional Development in a Career Pathways System

The YAP Event Series is designed to bring together professionals with a shared interest in connecting youth and adult learners with career pathways.  Presenters are experts in their fields, and events are designed to enhance your knowledge and give you usable information in each area.  While the live webinar is the central event, each topic is presented as a month-long “microgroup” within the Career Pathways community on the LINCS site and will include ongoing engagement and discussion before and after the live events.  For more information sign up for the LINCS mailing list, or request more information by e-mailing: YAPEventSeries@manhattanstrategy.com