The system-wide Capital Budget is comprised of a request for Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR) funding and individual capital projects and initiatives to renew and address changing academic conditions, opportunities and strategic direction of our campuses. 


Request to the State 

2020 Preliminary Capital Budget Request (July 2019

Current Project Statuses 




2020 Capital Budget and HEAPR Schedule. Contains deadlines for submitting both HEAPR and Capital Project requests. 


NEW 2020 Supplemental HEAPR Instructions (Aug 2019) Updated guidance for submitting HEAPR requests and reprioritizing 2020 HEAPR project requests. 

2020 Capital Budget Instructions(April 2018) Resource guide for preparing a college or university capital budget or HEAPR request. 

Guidance for Priortization of Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement Projects (HEAPR) (July 2018). Contains project eligibility and system prioritization criteria for HEAPR projects. 

2020 Capital Budget Guidelines. Full Board of Trustees document describing 2020 Capital Budget Guidelines. Approved by the Board on March 22, 2018.



  • Predesign Guidelines. Current as of April 2018. Guidelines campuses must follow to prepare a predesign in support of a capital project. 


Hiring a Predesign Consultant

Capital Project Forms 

The following forms are required to be submitted to the system office with a predesign for a capital budget request. See the Capital Budget Instructions (above) for requirements.  

HEAPR Forms 

Required forms for HEAPR project submittals. 

  • HEAPR Narrative Form (Word) NEW for 2019 and 2020 HEAPR submittals, plan to prepare a narrative form to describe your HEAPR project request. 
  • HEAPR Budget Workbook. (Excel) Update and submit the HEAPR project budget worksheet to ensure proper consideration on the HEAPR list.

Scoring Forms

Scoring criteria to be used during the capital scoring process in January 2019.  

Submitting Capital Budget Request

Accessing the Capital Budget Sharepoint Site 
The site is the submittal location for capital budget requests from the colleges and universities, including Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement (HEAPR). Star ID required. 

Having Trouble Logging into the Sharepoint Site? This quick guide should help. 

2018 Capital Budget request to the State (submitted October 2017) 

Past Capital Budget Actions: Contains request and results for the 2014-2017 capital budget requests 


Greg Ewig, System Director, Capital Development, 651.201.1775