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1. Overview



2. Project Phases

Project Initiation and Resources

Schematic Design (SD)

Design Development (DD)

Construction Documents (CD)

Bidding and Award (BA)

Construction (CO)

Project Closeout (PC)

3. Project Manual

Bid Documents - DIV00 (Online Bidding ONLY)

Bid Documents - DIV00 (Informal Bids)

Bid Documents - DIV00 (remaining sections for paper and online bidding)

4. Consultant and Construction Selection and Contract Families

General Consultant and Construction

Small Design/Bid/Build Project Delivery

Standard Design/Bid/Build Project Delivery

Construction Manager at Risk Project Delivery

Facilities Professional/Technical Services Master Contract

Non-Design Professional/Technical Services

5. Specialty Design and Construction Information

Public Art Procurement

Roof Management (RM)