The Minnesota State system office offers the D2L Knowledge site for D2L Brightspace users, including students, faculty, trainers, campus site admins, and other technical support staff.  At the D2L Knowledge site, the D2L Support team provides a variety of Knowledge Articles, including, but not limited to: frequently asked questions, common questions, reported issues, and best practices about D2L Brightspace.  The D2L Knowledge Articles are searchable within Office 365/SharePoint, providing users with on-demand support 24x7.

D2L Knowledge for Faculty, Staff, and Enrolled Students

The Minnesota State D2L Knowledge site is available to faculty, staff, and enrolled students at all Minnesota State schools.  The D2L Knowledge site has moved to a new location: D2L Support within Office 365/SharePoint. Please update your browser bookmarks to the D2L Support site (

The D2L Support site uses StarID credentials to log into Office 365/SharePoint.  

  • Students:  Use as your username and your StarID password.
  • Faculty, Trainers, Admins, and Campus Staff:  Use as your username and your StarID password.

View PDF for login instructions.

D2L Knowledge for Other Users

The D2L Support site uses StarID credentials to log into Office 365/SharePoint. 

For users who do not have StarID credentials, you can view select Knowledge Articles (e.g. FAQs) below.  

If you have any questions, please contact:

After logging into your campus D2L Brightspace site and being redirected back to the login page, you may need to do the following steps:

1)  Reset the Internet browser’s cache using the browser specific links below.  After resetting the browser’s cache, you may need to restart your computer. Generally, this resolves the problem logging into the D2L Brightspace site. 2)  Navigate to your school's home page and use the D2L Brightspace site login link.  Do not use a browser bookmark.  View the browser's support sites for instructions to update your browser bookmarks. 3)  Disconnect your Internet Service Provider (ISP) router (Cable/DSL modem and your Wi-Fi router if you are using one) for at least one minute, and then reconnect it.  Unplug both devices from the power cable, leave unplugged for at least one minute, plug them back in, and then allow up to two minutes for the devices to connect back to the Internet.  Some Internet providers cache the D2L Brightspace address and the router needs to be restarted as the only way to resolve the issue.

4)  If needed, flush the DNS cache using the OS support site's instructions: