System Procedures
Chapter 3 - Educational Policies

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for Board Policy 3.15

Part 1. Credit for Advanced Placement. As specified in Board Policy 3.15 and as required in M.S. 120B.13, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities shall grant lower division course credit for scores of 3 or higher on Advanced Placement (AP) examinations.

Part 2. Equivalent Course Credit. A college or university shall grant equivalent course credit for a specific lower division college course for each AP examination that covers substantially similar material. In most cases, the same number of credits shall be granted for scores of 3, 4, and 5. For courses that are highly sequential in nature (for example, mathematics), a college or university may grant more credit for a score of 4 or 5 when it represents greater mastery of the material. Equivalent course credits may be applied to certificate, diploma and/or degree programs as either required or elective courses.

Part 3. Non-equivalent Course Credit. A college or university shall grant a minimum of three (3) lower division elective course credits when a student presents a score of 3 or higher on an AP examination that covers material that is not substantially similar or equivalent to an existing course offered by the college or university. Non-equivalent course credits may be applied to certificate, diploma and/or degree programs as elective courses.

Part 4. Credit Limit. A college or university shall not limit the total number of credits a student may earn through AP examinations so long as the total of earned credits does not contradict the intent of Board Policy 3.17 and the institution's residency policy that establishes the number of credits taught by the faculty recommending the awarding of the diploma or degree.

Part 5. Transfer of Credit. A student who transfers to another institution within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system shall have credits granted for AP examinations evaluated in accordance with Board Policy 3.21 and System Procedure 3.21.1 Undergraduate Credit Transfer and with Board Policy 3.37 and System Procedure 3.37.1 Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

Part 6. Implementation.

Subpart A. Student responsibility. A student must arrange for an official report of AP examination scores to be sent from The College Board to a college or university in order to receive credit.

Subpart B. College or university responsibility. Each college and university shall establish procedures for implementing Policy 3.15 Advanced Placement Credit and Procedure 3.15.1 Advanced Placement Credit that shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

  • a list of courses determined to be equivalent to each AP examination and the number of credits granted for each examination;
  • a statement specifying that there is not a limit on course credits granted based on AP examination scores, except as noted in Part 4 of this procedure; and
  • a statement of the means by which students are informed of and advised about the use of AP examinations, such as the college catalog, website, counseling and advising materials, and other resources.

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Date of Adoption: 09/12/06
Date of Implementation: 09/12/06
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1/25/11 - Amended Part 5 to include other related policies and system procedures.

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